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Athankudi Tiles

Athankudi Tiles named after their place of manufacture in Chettinad , are handmade in myriad colours and patterns by a unique process using local soil. Visit a tile making unit to witness the magic of sand being converted into tiles made possible because of the unique Athankudi sand and glass.

Kandangi handloom

Kandanki Sarees or the Chettinad cotton saris are thick, coarse cotton capable of withstanding the roughest washes. Checks and temple borders are the favoured patterns and earthly reds, orange, chromes and the browns are the most popular colours. Those encouraging the revival now offer the weaves new design, but the traditional weaving families still produce the patterns most favoured in the villages around. Every one of the purchases benefits 5 – 10 families, since the art of making Kandanki sarees is back breaking, involving many people right from dyeing to weaving.

Wood Carvings

Wood carving and sculpting: The Chettiars incorporated the wealth of wood sculpting and craftsmanship in their homes, best seen in the exquisite and intricate carvings on doorways. Surya pallakai a carving of Goddess Lakshmi placed above the main door is the first welcome to a Chettinad home. Wood artisans also produce delicately carved sculptures, statuettes and artifacts.

Palm leafs

Palm leaf crafts The palm leaf Kottans are famous in and around kazhugumalai. These Kottans are used to carry rice and vegetables. Other handicraft products like Flower baskets, Dust bin, tray, hand bags. Small, medium, large boxes are being made out of palm leaf.

Stone Carvings

Stone carvings Stone crafts are famous in kazhugumalai. The sculptures and traditional wet grinder made on stone are predominant here.