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Seven Reasons why to choose for a
development tour

  1. There are several differences between a regular touristic tour and a development tour. A regular touristic tour offers tourists a great holiday full of enjoyment and let them discover new places and new things. A development tour offers exactly the same, but takes one big step ahead; a development tour not only shows a country, it let the tourists experience it.
  2. There is no better way to interact so close with the local population than in a development tour. The tour does not only show the highlights of a country, but also the real life.
  3. Most importantly of all the activities is that the host communities benefit directly, without intermediary, from the tourists, the benefits will go to the poor host communities. Both the tourist and the host communities contribute to each other in a responsible way. The host communities will provide the tourists a unique experience and the tourist will contribute to the development of the local population.
  4. The costs for accommodating, food and activities are comparably cheap, so minimum costs, maximal enjoyment.
  5. A development tour gives tourists the opportunity to not only purchase souvenirs but also experience the creation of these souvenirs. Every handicraft has his own meaning, story and way of creation.
  6. All the activities have a personal touch which differs from the regular tourism, the tourists are involved in all the activities and processes.
  7. It provides you the tourist the development orientation.
Development tour
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