Kazhugumalai - Overview

About 80km inland from the Thoothukudi port, Kazhugumalai is the archaeological importance, with centuries old Jain rock carvings that are attractions for both tourists and scholars.

The Thoothukudi coastline nearby defines the rural milieu in a marine eco-system home to several forms of folk art, palm and banana based products and traditional fishing practices two distinct farming systems are practiced: agro farming, supported by the Tamiraparani river system and coastal farming dominated by coconuts and palmyra.

Visitors can experience the fragile eco-system of coral, the reefs being only a 50 minute boat-ride from the coast. Also at hand are artificial reefs and reef restorations.

During the pongal festival, the area is a virtual treat. Farmstead stays can be arranged while long “Silambattam” canes showcase traditional fighting skills.