Thirupudaimaruthur - Overview

Tirunelveli district is the land of bards and palms. And tirunelveli district is dotted with centre of natural beauty, pilgrimage, architectural eminence and memorials to great warriors of Indian independence Tirunelveli is 2000 year old with an even full fast and rich tradition. The green paddy fields fed by the Tamirabarani river and tall palm grooves add a verdant dimension to the land scope of Tirunelveli district.

Thirupudaimaruthur is situated in Tirunelveli district, 7km from veeravanallur. The God Narumpoo nathar with Gomathi amman is presiding deity in this temple. It is just opposite to merging place of Kadana river with the Tamirabarani river. People believe that Narumpoo nathar Gomathi amman are the Gods for curing diseases.

The temple is very ancient. On the requisition of saint Agasthiyar, the son of Bheamma visited this place. On that time, Goddess Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Bhoomadevi worshiped the lord Shiva. Besides on the presence of Brahmma’s son manu the Goddess get hidden into Marutha maram.

So he wanted to destroy the tree but lord shiva intervened and prevented. Hence Manu became the God that region. From the true of marudam, God appeared. So it is called as Thirupudaimaruthur.

The king Maravarman of madurai and his son had built a small temple in 650B.C. after that the king of Madurai, Vijayanagar and Kalakkad are expanded the temple. The temple is situated in 6 acres of land. In this temple compound walls with the length of 575 feet.

The famous panniru thirumarai teacher namely Karuvur sithar unable to cross the river due to the flood. He is not known about the name of the God of the temple. At the time he felt devotional request God offered to slow down the water flow of the river. There are the historical view of Thirupudaimaruthur.