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Heritage Walk

Thenoor is one of the historic villages in Madurai District, situated on the northern bank of Vaigai river on the wayto Cholavandan via Smayanallur. This village is famous for its history, literature and religious importance. The burial urns more than 2000 years old were found in this village. The historic Sundaranachiamantemple, temple for various village deities were also exists in this village. The stone statue of a person who sacrificed his life by cutting the head on his own for the development of this village is also available. The researcher has the opinion that the famous Chithirai festival was happened in this village before the period of ThirumalaiNayak. They consider that king Thirumalainayakshifed the festival of Entry of Alazhar in the vaigai river to Madurai from this Village. To confirm this ThenoorMandap is existed in the vaigai river bank near Vandiyoor of Madurai. Thenoor is responsible for the mind change of Our Mahatma Ghandhi to change his dress code after seeing the simple dress of the farmers in this village.