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Heritage Walk
Meenakshi Amman temple

This ancient Siva temple has more than two thousand year old tradition and history. A song from Purananuru of the Sangam age refers to the existence of a Siva temple here. Another Sangam work Paripatal compares the city layout as the lotus bud at the centre and the petals around it. It also mentions that the temple was the nucleus of the city and streets were laid around it. This temple was sung by the Thevaram trio during the seventh and eighth century A.D. and established and expanded during the early Pandya, Chola, later Pandya, Vijayanagar and Nayak rulers. Most of its old structures were removed by the Nayak rulers who rebuilt the temple with the present structures. Of the Gopuras of this temple, the eastern one was erected by Sundarapandya. The Western Gopura is the work of the fourteenth century A.D. by Parakrama Pandya. Other Gopuras are probably the works of the Nayak rulers. The thousand Pillared Hall of this temple constructed by the Nayaks is a museum by itself with exuberant sculptural carvings. There are about sixty and more inscriptions belonging to the later Pandya and Nayak period.